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Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm, 2013, from an exhibit of photos by Val Schaffner, Mindscapes.
For a web gallery of images from the show, click here.
For a previous exhibit, Temple and Sky, click here.  Or visit:
World Trade Center Tower One, June 2013

This web site will be thoroughly updated as soon as I have time to get around to it.
In the meantime, here is some recent work from a series I am calling
Beyond the Wall of Time: Found Sculpture at Joshua Tree
All photos were taken on January 2, 2018

Val and Min-Myn Schaffner, who ran the Nabi Gallery on 25th Street,
  closed the art space in 2011 to devote more time to their own work,
including photography, writing, and painting.
Min-Myn, a 2010 MFA graduate of the New York Academy of Fine Arts,
has a studio on 22nd Street in Long Island City, across the street from Val's.
Images of her work may be seen at,.

For images from Nabi's last show, devoted to the work of N.H. Stubbing (1921-1983), click here.
For information about the artist, and to sample previous Stubbing exhibits, click here.
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